A website custom made for you

Website creation

Do you want a great website or webshop? Then you are in the right place. I design and create excellent custom made websites and webshops. I can also create a site that you design yourself. Let’s collaborate!

This service is a robust collaborative process in which you do not have to worry about the technical aspects, and I guide you through the task of creating your site’s content.

In clear steps, that website is brought to life and with my online tutorials, you get all you need to confidently maintain and edit this website yourself.

The goal is always to make your website easy, effective and efficient. So your investment will be a good one and your website supports your business in the best way possible.

Sharing knowledge and resources can help to build your dream

And sharing your dream may be a great way to start

What's included

Your website made easy

A professional website

Including all the essentials you need such as portfolio, blog, webshop, forms, mailing list, booking schedule, event calendar, online courses, analytics and SEO.

An attractive website

It represents you and your products or services in a significant way. With it, you can confidently reach out and connect with (future) clients.

A flexible user-friendly website

You can edit yourself and adapt to your needs, not only to keep content up to date, but also to support your business with clever integrations.

A reliable website

Meeting standard safety and GDPR requirements, your site build with WordPress and Divi theme is technically sound and solid.

What's included

You take away this

Custom online tutorials

You get lifetime access to the online tutorial 'Owning your website made easy'. Here I include everything you need to know to work with your website independently.

Divi WordPress theme

You receive a lifetime license to award-winning Divi WordPress theme, with a value of 249 USD. You will never have to spend money on a theme again.


Clear steps

How it works


Step 1. Website checklist

The best starting point is an inventory of the website. You can fill out the checklist prior to contacting me, or we can do this together.

Step 2. Introduction call

Now I would like to get to know you and you business a little better, to get good insight in the briefing for your project. And of course, you can ask everything you want to know about my services.

Step 3. Budgeting and planning

After looking at the requirements I make an estimate and planning proposal. Now you can make a clear decision for the execution of the website. Up to this stage, there are no strings attached.


Step 4. Content creation

This is truly the most important step! A great website has good content that reflects your product or service in the best possible way. We look at the purpose and functionality of the site in detail, so we know which content is needed. You can remain focussed on creating, developing and collecting that content.

Step 5. Technicals

You do not have to bother with any technical process: I guide you with everything you need. I set up and configure your web hosting, WordPress and all necessary plug-ins.
In this step, I also help you take care of all required accounts, such as hosting, mailing lists and payments providers.

Step 6. Design and build

When we have outlined your style preferences, I make a sketch design and prepare a website draft. Then we work together online, in my studio or on location, usually just for a day. With your unique content and style elements, I design and build your website. And as I do this, you can give live feedback. This way, the work will be 100% aligned, and we get all the essential details right.

Step 7. Owning your website

After finishing the site, we plan an online working session to make sure you can edit your website yourself. You have liftime access to my online course ‘Owning your website made easy’. This is a resource of tutorials to help you independently update your site.

Want to get started?

Book a free introduction call to talk about getting your website made easy.

Frequently asked questions


I have no content yet, can you still make a site for me?

Content is the essential element for the website, and you will have to supply this to me before I can start building your site. But I help you in this step too. After we made the briefing, you will have a clear overview, so you know which content is needed, this is supported with documentation and handy forms.
Within my network, I can find collaborations for creating content, i.e. for photography, illustrations and copywriting.

How long does it take to create a website?

When all content and information are in place, I need somewhere between 1 and 3 weeks to finalise your site. Of course, this depends on how much content there is and how complicated the build is. At the beginning of the project, I make a time plan.

Do you also provide webhosting?

No, I do not. The hosting and all other services are contracts of your choice. Sometimes I work on exiting web hosting plans, but I can suggest a better or more cost-effective solution for you in most cases.

Is it necessary to have experience with editing websites?

No, this is not required. I guide you through the steps in an online working session, and you have unlimited access to the online tutorial. I continuously update the tutorials with my client's questions and feedback.

Is this a subscription?

No, you purchase a website and get lifetime access to the tutorials and the Divi theme.
You sign-up yourself for web hosting, as well as any third-party services (think of calender or mailinglist provider). I do offer scheduled maintenance and updates. Ask me for the possibilities.


What clients say

Working with Deshna stands for a creative process, full of optimism and fun. It is really ‘working together’ because she involves from the beginning to the last detail. She understands the art of explaining complicated matter to me in a crystal-clear way so that it is now also simple and logical for me.

Deshna only needs half a word and works things out smoothly and result-oriented. Her sense of aesthetics, combined with her technical skills and marketing background makes her deliver a site that is user-friendly and above all convinces. I am very pleased with the result and receive many compliments from visitors.

I am especially happy that the maintenance of the site now takes much less time because there is much more automated. Thank you Deshna!

Emmy Meijer

Yoga teacher

As a web designer I know all the ins and out of building a website. But creating a webshop is a profession in itself. It contains so many functionalities and has to meet so many extra requirements, and I don't have enough experience with that. So if my customers want a webshop or if I have questions about it, I can count on Deshna.

She has a lot of knowledge and no challenge is too crazy. She has a solution or a knack for every problem or question. In addition, she is incredibly thorough and precise. And everything she makes looks good. What else do you want?

With Deshna you have a super expert at your side and you are guaranteed a top product. I heartily recommend her!

Mok Heijmerink

Web designer

I loved how everything was very straight forward: this is what I need from you to get started, this is the estimate and time plan for it and this will be the next step. Deshna is very structured and will get you up to speed so you can make updates and adjustments to your site once it is up and running.

Thank you Deshna for helping me build my dream!

I now have a webpage and shop that truly represent me and everything that is me. These days I am proud to say: Go to mayorekeblad.se and you will find everything you need to know about me – and even more!

Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad

Artist – designer – copywriter