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Website consultation

Not too happy with your current site? Are you stuck? Uninspired?

I often see that sites are not updated because it is too complicated or never leads to the desired result. Don’t give up! I can inform and inspire you on how to improve your website, so you get more out of it and don’t have to hide it from the world any longer.

Book a consultation. You tell me your issues, and I take a good look at your website. Then we talk to find out what can be improved.

I am looking forward to helping you make that site a place you feel good about again! Let’s start by giving it a little attention.

Your website should be working for you and not the other way around

Realising this is not difficult, you just need the right information

Finding out what to improve


Look at other sites. Especially the websites that you really like.

Write down the things that you wish you had on your site.

Find out what the biggest challenge is for updating or working with your website.

In example: you do not know which content to use, or it is too technical.

Free short consultation

Let’s have a look at your site. Often just some simple ideas ot insights can make a big difference.


What clients say

Working with Deshna stands for a creative process, full of optimism and fun. It is really ‘working together’ because she involves from the beginning to the last detail. She understands the art of explaining complicated matter to me in a crystal-clear way so that it is now also simple and logical for me.

Deshna only needs half a word and works things out smoothly and result-oriented. Her sense of aesthetics, combined with her technical skills and marketing background makes her deliver a site that is user-friendly and above all convinces. I am very pleased with the result and receive many compliments from visitors.

I am especially happy that the maintenance of the site now takes much less time because there is much more automated. Thank you Deshna!

Emmy Meijer

Yoga teacher

As a web designer I know all the ins and out of building a website. But creating a webshop is a profession in itself. It contains so many functionalities and has to meet so many extra requirements, and I don't have enough experience with that. So if my customers want a webshop or if I have questions about it, I can count on Deshna.

She has a lot of knowledge and no challenge is too crazy. She has a solution or a knack for every problem or question. In addition, she is incredibly thorough and precise. And everything she makes looks good. What else do you want?

With Deshna you have a super expert at your side and you are guaranteed a top product. I heartily recommend her!

Mok Heijmerink

Web designer

I loved how everything was very straight forward: this is what I need from you to get started, this is the estimate and time plan for it and this will be the next step. Deshna is very structured and will get you up to speed so you can make updates and adjustments to your site once it is up and running.

Thank you Deshna for helping me build my dream!

I now have a webpage and shop that truly represent me and everything that is me. These days I am proud to say: Go to and you will find everything you need to know about me – and even more!

Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad

Artist – designer – copywriter