About me

Hi, I’m Deshna

Implementing ideas, motivating others and finding inspiring collaborations gives me a lot of joy. I am always focused as I work through all challenges that arise during the creative process.

For over 16 years, I had a small post-production company with my partner. Furthermore, I’ve been working in various advertising agencies and production companies.

Over time, I learned many different skills and became known as a great problem solver, always looking for ways to learn and innovate.

I have also learned to appreciate personal contact and interactions that allow our qualities to come into expression.

NOW is the time for me to share my passion, knowledge and experience with others. Contact me to discuss your request or challenge and to find out if there is a match for working together.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Website junkie

Photography lover

Chi Kung and Yoga Somatics practitioner

Good at pushing buttons

Native bilingual: Dutch and English (lär sig nu Svenska)

Loves to laugh